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Today is Crazy,  Y'all

Yes, it’s still 2018. Sadly I don’t think we can expect better in 2019.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Start Your Engines

Trying not to get my hopes up...

Walk Like an Egyptian Walk Like an Egyptian

The latest Trump book, The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis, gives us this gem from election night:

For the Friend Who Has Everything

Stumped on what to get your friend for her/his birthday? Problem solved! For only $33 you get a personalized video from Marla Maples!

What Ever Happened To...

Remember this guy?

What are you doing?

Guys, Nevada Democrats have a cool new mascot.

Damn you, Google

Starting in January, Google will no longer allow Amazon Firestick to have YouTube. If you want to watch YouTube on your TV you will have to buy a Roku or a Google Chromecast.

I Won't Show You My Penis I Won't Show You My Penis

Ladies and Gentleman, the political ad of our times.

This is where we are, kids

For the record, I definitely believe they are. LOL.

Oh, Mrs. Mnuchin... Oh, Mrs. Mnuchin...

#hermes #tomford #valentino -seriously lady?

But He Has Black Friends!

I’m totally convinced now. Trump definitely not racist.

Really, George?

Hummmm. What kind of a candidate is that?

The Great State of Alabama 

Oh, guys, this senate race sounds fun. As a political junkie and coastal elite, I find this riveting. Since the GOP has decided to burn the country down, I’m just here for the chaos.

I'm Gonna Miss These Spicy Stories

Remember when Steve Bannon said Sean Spicer wasn’t doing on-camera briefings because he had gotten fatter? Now we know why, it’s because he stole a mini fridge from junior staffers.

The Bar Is So Low Now The Bar Is So Low Now

First Kid Rock claims he is running for Senate. (Personally, I think he is not serious but in the Trump era we have to take it as such.)

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