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We'll See the New Giulia Soon We'll See the New Giulia Soon

Which means the secrecy is cracking.

Weekend TV Weekend TV

If you have an extra hour and have access to the Smithsonian Channel on-demand, look up Crash Test Heroes. It's the history of crash test dummies and it is fascinating, like a good History Channel special back when History Channel was worth watching.

PSA Kinda Maybe Coming to US with the DS Brand PSA Kinda Maybe Coming to US with the DS Brand

PSA has had it rough as of late, but they want to reach profitability, and part of that is acknowledging the US is a pretty large market. Apparently, they want to start selling here by the turn of the next decade, with the new DS sub-brand as the spearhead for potentially Peugeot's and Citroen's return.

Morning Oppo Morning Oppo

Today is my last day working for my current employer. Starting a new job on Monday.

Stupid NHTSA Regulations...(Monthly Whine Post, Ignore) Stupid NHTSA Regulations...(Monthly Whine Post, Ignore)

...keeping me from importing the "boring" vehicles no one here wants.

Alright, What's Next? Alright, What's Next?

Now that we have pictures of the ND Miata, anyone hazard a guess what the Alfa/FIAT/Abarth sister will look like?

Best Rental Ever Best Rental Ever

Took a short trip to Illinois, asked the rental car agent if they had any Fusions, got a Titanium with a sunroof. Promptly looked at classifieds for CPO models when I got home. Edging towards big for a city but man was it nice on the highway.

Damn It, FIAT Damn It, FIAT

First you make the 500e California-only with no option whatsoever for me to get one, then you give it the retro Celestial Blue. I would hand you many monies for that car, but your steadfast refusal to open it up to the other 49 (Damnit, Oregon too?!) 48 states is irritating. Why do you hate money FIAT?

Nothing Is Funnier Than Reading "Car Guys" Freak Out

At least we are semi-civil about the Strada test mule. The commenters at the source? Not so much. Makes for a fun work break.

Rocker Repair Rocker Repair

So. Turns out my car has some pretty significant rocker panel damage. It's only on the driver side, but stripped the paint off and started rusting the metal. I don't remember crashing into anything that badly. Guy who did the estimate for a local body shop thinks that since I street park, perhaps a snowplow in the…

'15 Charger Photodump '15 Charger Photodump

Because more images never hurt.

How Many Cars Would You Actually Own? How Many Cars Would You Actually Own?

We all like to gawk over supercars and top-trim fancymobiles and wish for every kind of vehicle we desire to appear in a Leno-esque garage to which we have the keys. Then we succumb to the reality that Lamborghinis don't make the best daily drivers and thus buy a Focus or Golf. But really, how many vehicles would we…

Close But No Cigar Close But No Cigar

Ever have those people, be it talking about cars or whatever, who were so close to being right but bungled it in the end? This is my latest encounter with such a person, as s/he consistently demonstrates one crucial flaw in their craigslist ad: the front wheel is supposed to be turned towards the sidestand side.

Seatbelt Help Seatbelt Help

Opponauts, my girlfriend and I have encountered an unusual problem in the quest to get her licensed, and it comes not from the typical sources of other drivers or ignorance of technique, but from the seatbelt.

Starting A (Car) Family. Starting A (Car) Family.

No, that is neither my Dart nor my photo, but it illustrates my post pretty well.

Confused About The Renegade's Options? Confused About The Renegade's Options?

There's been quite some confusion surrounding the Renegade's options between when it was leaked and when it was officially shown, so I'm here to do the best I can with clearing them up.

The Refreshed FIAT 500 The Refreshed FIAT 500

This is the refreshed 500. Mostly the same, except for minor touches like the turn signals moved to "eyebrows" over the projectors, leaving their old spots solely for the DRLs.

Off Topic: NBC and Sochi

Has anyone been able to sign in to NBC's Olympic internet streaming? It keeps asking for my login info over and over and over.

Why Do We Torture Ourselves Looking At Listings? Why Do We Torture Ourselves Looking At Listings?

One of my dream vehicles is for sale across the state at a deep discount. It's almost exactly the vehicle I spec every time I visit BMW's site. Why do I even look for things like this, though, when I know I'm not even close to being able to afford it, and won't for years to come? What's the draw of going on listing…

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