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What Is This Strange Sensation...We Like a Meghan Trainor Song...?

If I woke up this morning on the back of a unicorn who was tap-dancing while redoing my taxes and cooking me tofu scramble, I would have been less surprised than I am at what has actually transpired: I have found myself enjoying a Meghan Trainor song. This is new and wild and I’m freaking out a little bit.

Disco Maestro Patrick Adams on Writing Songs for Women (As a Man)

Songwriter/producer/musician Patrick Adams is responsible for some of the most elegant, earworm-y, deep-ish cuts of the disco and post-disco eras—Donna McGhee’s “It Ain’t No Big Thing,” Inner Life’s “I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair),” Phreek’s “Weekend,” Cloud One Orchestra’s “Atmosphere Strut,” and…

Angry Combatants Start Literal Trashfire: Are They Anti-Disco, or Pro-Trump?

The desire to “make America great again” is obviously not a new one, particularly when couched in the fear of a black (and brown and woman and gay) planet. We could find plenty of instances across recent history, but the most visual analog to the current bonfire that Trump supporters have metaphorically wrought is an…

Please Enjoy This 1978 Local News Lesson on Disco Dancing 

God bless the stalwart local news stations of America for decades’ worth of segments like this, in which the hosts of WBBM’s Noonbreak get a quick dance lesson from Karen Lustgarten, author of The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing.

Kylie Minogue May Be Making a Disco Christmas Album

Kylie Minogue wants us to take a little disco with our eggnog. According to Idolator, she is recording “a seasonal LP comprised of ‘classics’ and ‘disco-influenced’ originals.” Hell yes.

Cool 1978 Teen Explains Why Music Sucks If You Can't Dance to It Cool 1978 Teen Explains Why Music Sucks If You Can't Dance to It

Times Machine dot NYTimes dot com, the archives for the New York Times, has just brought our attention to a 1978 trend piece on disco music, and how "Teen-Agers" were super into it. In a profile of the club Guys and Dolls, where area teens could go get their Hustle on, a then-15-year-old called Thomas Castaglia…

And Here Is Allison Janney Doing Her Disco Stewardess Dance  And Here Is Allison Janney Doing Her Disco Stewardess Dance 

If you've ever wanted to see national treasure Allison Janney perform an interpretative dance about the duties of a flight attendants set to a disco beat, today's your day. Somebody hire this woman to make an in-flight safety video!

Disco-Dancing Patrick Swayze Encourages You To Drink Pabst Disco-Dancing Patrick Swayze Encourages You To Drink Pabst

It seems this 1979 commercial starring Patrick Swayze (and wife Lisa Niemi?) was designed to scare and confuse future generations. Why is Swayze doing Dirty Dancing moves in the middle of a roller rink? How did the hipsters in the background lose the disaffected sneer? And why does the announcer call Pabst "good" at…

Stick A Fork In 2010 Stick A Fork In 2010

Holy crap, another year is OVER. Time to reflect, say goodbye, maybe cry a little (tears of sadness or tears of joy—your choice!), plan, and look ahead to 200-eleventy. What are your hopes for the new year?

When Disco Was Amazing And Recession Had A Beat When Disco Was Amazing And Recession Had A Beat

There's a piece in the current Vanity Fair that makes the early days of disco sound, well, awesome:

Saturday Night Dance Party Saturday Night Dance Party

As I am currently on the road, and SNL is a rerun tonight, we won't be having our typical Saturday Night Live Thread this evening. Today was a bit wacky, posting wise, but tomorrow we'll be back on track. Until then, have a safe and happy evening, and try to keep your post-Thanksgiving, post-Black Friday, "OMG I have…

"Do You Have Any Vibrator Recommendations?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology, the "advice" column in which we attempt to solve everyone's problems with an herbal remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, the Big Edie to my Little Edie, Rich, helps me answer questions about anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Got a burning question?…